Limited Edition

Amour Reed Diffuser - WS

A romantic journey through a garden of timeless love.

120 ml / 4 oz

Size: PRE-ORDER - 4 oz
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Scent Story
Experience the beauty of true romance with a scent that captures the essence of love in full bloom. This fragrance invites you to a world where flowers and warmth intertwine, celebrating the joy of a summer’s day and the deep rewards of enduring affection. Let your senses be enveloped by the enchanting blend of floral and rich undertones, bringing a sense of romance and heartfelt connection into every moment.

Botanical Notes
Blush Rose, Warm Spices, Velvety Plum, Soft Vanilla, Smoky Oud & Labdanum

How Long Its Lasts
3+ Months

Vegan. Natural. Organic.

Reed Diffusers

Discover a world where pure aromas blend with sustainable luxury. Our elegantly designed reed diffuser is crafted using a plant-based formula, enriched with natural fragrances and essential oils. Consciously created, it infuses your space with scents inspired by the natural world around us.

Small Batch

1% for the planet
Handcrafted in Canada

Ritual For Use
Simply place reeds in the diffuser - the more reeds, the stronger the scent. Allow a few days for the scent to start diffusing. Flip reeds once a week to invigorate the space or insert more reeds.

Not for electric diffusers or humidifiers.