Bring Nature Indoors

Botanica Reed Diffuser - WS

Immerse yourself in the embrace of sunlit gardens, where each breath unveils the hidden mysteries of a lush, floral retreat.

120 ml / 4 oz

Size: PRE-ORDER - 4 oz
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Scent Story
Wander through pathways lined with blooming petals, their vibrant colors dancing in the sunlight. Feel the gentle caress of a warm breeze, carrying the delicate fragrances of nature's finest blossoms. This enchanting haven offers a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty, inviting you to lose yourself in its timeless charm and discover the profound serenity that lies within.

Botanical Notes
Alba Rose, Wild Violets, Elderflower, Black Current & Sweet Amber

How Long Its Lasts
3+ Months

Vegan. Natural. Organic.

Reed Diffusers

Discover a world where pure aromas blend with sustainable luxury. Our elegantly designed reed diffuser is crafted using a plant-based formula, enriched with natural fragrances and essential oils. Consciously created, it infuses your space with scents inspired by the natural world around us.

Small Batch

1% for the planet
Handcrafted in Canada

Ritual For Use
Simply place reeds in the diffuser - the more reeds, the stronger the scent. Allow a few days for the scent to start diffusing. Flip reeds once a week to invigorate the space or insert more reeds.

Not for electric diffusers or humidifiers.